Beauty In The Lord
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Proverbs 31:30 NLT
Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.


A woman’s true beauty comes from within.  For it is what is in her heart that God cares about

(1 Samuel 16:7, Proverbs 21:2).


This is not to say that a woman shouldn’t wear stylish clothing, or make-up; but that should not be what the majority of our time and money is to be spent on.  Since God looks on our heart, we should be diligent everyday to make sure that it is “dressed” properly for whatever comes our way in that day.  This can only be done by spending time at the Master’s feet in His Word the Bible, by staying in communication with Him through prayer, and by having a heart that is purposed to obey Him.


The beauty industry in our culture is a multi billion dollar business.  We are assaulted with ads on every form of media on how to make our appearance stellar.   We are told that we will feel better about ourselves if we use their product, or dress in a certain brand of clothing.  Young teenage girls are literally starving themselves to be pencil thin like all the models that they see on billboards and magazine covers. Little do they know that even those models are not that thin the photos are airbrushed to look that way.


As mothers and grandmothers it is our responsibility to make sure our young ladies know the true meaning of beauty…..God’s meaning of beauty as portrayed in His Word.  A heart that is kind, humble, compassionate, gentle, and loving towards God and others.


I had a wonderful godly mother who taught me and my sisters where true beauty comes from.  She taught us to look nice on the outside but more importantly the inside.  My mom was a very beautiful woman and stylish dresser, but that never took priority over her relationship with God or her family. Many times I recall hearing my mom say beauty fades but the strength of the Lord within me stays strong and beautiful even when I'm not.  Her heart was dressed spiritually and ready for the events that would unfold in the coming hours of the day. I never really understood until I finally formed my own relationship with God.  I only wish she was here to see my growth. 


So, it is not wrong to look nice for our husbands, but the main emphasis should be on our heart attitude. We should be purposing every day to be more and more like our wonderful Savior Jesus Christ in all we say and do!


Thank You Father God for Your Word, help me to keep my priorities on You and not this world in which I live. Thank You for a godly mother who taught me by word and action how to be beautiful in Your sight!  I love You and give You all praise this day my Lord and my God, Amen!