Meet the Staff
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The staff at Vision Community Church has spent many years committed to Christian service. Our staff enjoys serving our community, whether in sharing our faith or just lending a helping hand. Here are a few of Vision Community Church's leadership staff.


  • Paulette Vance Burton
    Paulette Vance Burton
  • Roland Luck
    Roland Luck
  • Charles Dorsey
    Charles Dorsey
  • Mike Tinsley
    Mike Tinsley
    Senior Deacon
  • Karen Darden
    Karen Darden
  • Ken Williams
    Ken Williams
    Deacon/Military Ministry Director
  • Larry McCauley
    Larry McCauley
    Security Director
  • Evelyn Dorsey
    Evelyn Dorsey
    Golden Leaves Coordinator
  • Jeanette Owens
    Jeanette Owens
    Assistant Women's Ministry Director
  • Sadiq Suggs
    Sadiq Suggs
    Women’s Ministry Director
  • Alexis Tinsley
    Alexis Tinsley
    Children’s Ministry Director
  • Patina Williams
    Patina Williams
    Finance Team
  • Yolanda McCauley
    Yolanda McCauley
    Finance Team
  • Pam Augustine
    Pam Augustine
    Adjutant to Bishop and First Lady
  • April Minor
    April Minor
    Hospitality Director
  • Rondell Minor
    Rondell Minor
    Facilities Director