Meet the Staff
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The staff at Vision Community Church has spent many years committed to Christian service. Our staff enjoys serving our community, whether in sharing our faith or just lending a helping hand. Here are a few of Vision Community Church's leadership staff, starting with our Senior Pastor Bishop Ron D. Willis.





Other Staff

Elders Cano and Alicia Sims

(Church Council)


Elder Tashanna Betties

(Chief of Staff/Bishop's EA)


Elder Roland Luck

(Church Council)


Elder Charles Dorsey

(Church Council)


Elder Paulette Burton

(Church Council/Legal)


Elder Aubrey Rampersant

(Church Council)


Mother Evelyn Dorsey

(Director, Bishop's Aide Ministry)


Deacons Dave and Lisa Walden

(Directors of Care Ministry)


Deacon Marcella Rampersant

(Membership Wellness)






 Mother Shirley Simpson 

(Director of Women's Ministry)


Ken Williams

(Director of Men's Ministry)


 Mother Pammy James



Greg and Melanie Daniel

(Guest Services)


Patina Williams



Deacon Michael Tinsley



MIT Teddy Simpson

(Bishop's Armor Bearer)


 Aspiring Minister Darlene Wheeler



Minister Tomas and Frances Ortiz

(Church Planters)