Your Zeal for Jesus
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Romans 12:11 says:  Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.


When one has served the Lord in a particular manner such as teaching Sunday school, Bible school, Bible study, Pastor, Elder, Church committees…..etc, for a number of years it can become mundane and be done out of duty instead of a great love for Christ and desire to serve Him because we adore Him. Satan would love nothing more than for God’s children to loose their zeal and spiritual fervor because he knows if that happens we become ineffective for Christ, which is exactly what his goal is. If every true Christian lived up to their full potential for Christ this world would be a very different place! God has put this spiritual fervor in us through His Holy Spirit, but we have the ability to squelch His influence on our lives by ignoring His leading.

We will all go through valleys and peaks in our spiritual lives, the key is to keep close to Christ through prayer and reading of His Holy Word the Bible. When we spend time with Him each day it nourishes our inward man for Christ and causes us to mature to our full potential for His glory in our life.

There are many things that we get excited or passionate about in life, sports, hobbies, careers….none of these should be able to come close to the zeal that we possess for Christ and serving Him. He is eternal and everything else is temporary.