Conuming Fire, Hebrews 12:29
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We should be thankful and worship our God with reverence and awe! “God is a consuming fire” and that He is to those who refuse to accept Christ as Savior. But to those of us who have placed our faith in Jesus Christ, we are now joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17), and have become children of God. We call Him Father, and of all people we should understand His holiness and righteousness and therefore give Him the most profound respect and reverence.


This world certainly doesn’t respect or reverence God as He deserves, does it? There is such a flippant attitude towards Him in movies, secular schools and universities, television…etc. But God is merciful, He desires that no one should perish, however one day God’s mercy toward mankind will come to an end and He will send His Son Jesus back to this earth, those who have rejected Christ will be forever lost to an eternity in hell. How terrible it will be for those who have rejected Him their whole lives, those who refused to acknowledge Him as Lord, for they will finally see that Jesus Christ is exactly who He claims to be….the only Son of the living God. Only it will be too late for them to accept Christ for God’s mercy and grace will have come to an end. He will be a “consuming fire”!


If you have never placed your faith in Jesus Christ I beg of you to do so today before it is forever too late.