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The 93rd chapter of Psalms tells of the eternal King and His eternal throne. It is speaking of when Jesus returns to this earth and reigns as King, righting all wrongs and bringing peace at last to this earth.
And so God’s Word proves true after all! All the promises He made concerning the defeat of His enemies, and the establishment of His righteous reign will be fulfilled. Holiness will adorn His house, as is fitting for such a holy and righteous God!Many people have tried to discount and destroy the Word of God, no one will ever get it done. It stands firm and unshakable.
Isaiah 40:8
The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of our God stands forever.

I had a person tell me one time as I was sharing Christ with them, that they did not believe the Bible was true. My response was this, “Just because you do not believe it is true, does not make it untrue.” God gave each person a free will, but He stands firm! God has not, nor will He ever change. His Word is truth! I know that I will never fully grasp the extent of His holiness this side of heaven.
All will be holy when Christ reigns, and everything will be characterized by holiness as predicted in Isaiah 23:18, Zechariah 14:20-21, and Revelation 4:8.
What comfort there is to know that the God of the universe is my Father! It will never cease to amaze me that He loves me and has called me His child through faith in Christ. Every child of God has a bright and glorious future in eternity. Have you thanked Him today for all that He has done for you?