Don't Limit God
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We humans are very good at limiting God.  We tend to think of Him as a human being like us instead of the Almighty Living God of the universe that He is!  He is not only quite capable of doing more than we ask, but also what we imagine as long as it is in line with His Word and His will for our lives.  Every time you  start to inadvertently limit God,   go outdoors and look up at the sky.  He who spoke creation into existence can certainly take care of your needs.  It doesn’t mean that every single thing you ask of Him is granted,  but everything that is good and edifying for you does, and that is the way you should desire it to be.  We SHOULD NOT want any part of anything that God doesn’t want for us, He created us and knows perfectly well what is best for us.  The “power that is at work with in us” is the Holy Spirit, He is constantly at work in our lives seeking to produce fruit in us of a Christ-like nature.  That may be in rebuking us because of sin in our life, guiding us in prayer, inspiring us in worship, or directing us in service to God.  The more we yield to Him, the more we are becoming like our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!