He'll Handle It
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Many times it seems as if the wicked are getting away with the injustices that they commit. They seem to carry on in their cold-heartedness and arrogance with no end in sight. But rest assured there most definitely is an end in sight for all evil-doers! 

In Psalm 10:14 it states that God sees trouble and grief, and He not only sees it, He considers it and takes it in hand. In other words He is keeping a careful record of all the evil and injustices that the wicked do so that He can repay them for their despicable acts in the coming day. The Bible tells us repeatedly that God will repay evil, we are not to take vengeance, but to leave room for God to repay (Romans 12:19, Psalm 94:23).  So the Godless may have a brief time to do their evil, but one day they will fall into the hands of the living God and spend all of eternity in hell because of their rejection of Christ!